Credential Engine created an automated process for quality and currency controls.

Data in the Credential Registry is meant to have long-term permanence. Once the lifecycle of a resource ends, CTDL terms are used to indicate it’s no longer offered. For example, a credential may no longer be offered and/or the organization offering the credential may close. However, the historical data is still important and remains in the Registry. Thereby data quality is important as well as currency of data up until a resource’s life cycle concludes.  Credential Engine has always had data quality controls in place, but has now implemented automatic processes to help with Credential Registry data quality and currency.

  • Data Quality: Refers to the accuracy of descriptions of resources in the Registry.

  • Currency: Refers to the maintaining of accuracy over time.

  • Resource: Refers to all credentials, learning opportunities, assessments, organizations, transfer values, pathways, competencies, competency frameworks and other top-level entities in the Credential Registry.

  • Lifecycle: Refers to the progression of a resource beginning with an active status and concluding with a status indicating the resource is no longer offered.

Credential Engine created a new automated process for quality and currency controls that now generates detailed reports for Duplicate Resources, Broken Webpage Links, Resource Currency, and Incomplete Publishing, from the new Credential Registry Services page. These reports are available to all publishers with a Credential Registry Account. These reports can be accessed at any time, not just based on receiving an email. We encourage all publishing partners to review their data in the Registry to ensure they are current and accurate.

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