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Why is Credential Transparency Valuable?

Credential transparency empowers everyone looking for education and training options with the data they need to make a well-informed decision, enables employers to better evaluate the value of a credential’s ability to meet business needs, and allow organizations that service students, workers, employers and other stakeholders to provide clearer information about the value of various credentials.

In the current marketplace, people looking for training have to search through individual website pages to find key information like cost, time to completion, and competencies—which is difficult. The wide variety of terms used to describe the data (e.g., using “tuition” instead of “cost”) makes head-to-head comparisons challenging. Through transparency, we help credential users search, discover and compare credentials to meet their needs, employers find both the workers and the education and training programs that meet their needs, and allow everyone to understand how credentials and careers connect to best prepare for the current and emerging workplace.

Through Credential Engine, Technologies Are Now Available To:


credential data in a common language across all types of credentials from all types of providers


credential data across systems and to other credentials


credential data in real-time


credential data in new ways to meet educational and economic needs

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A transparent credential marketplace helps users:

Find and compare credential options

Analyze how credentials connect to each other and to the larger credential marketplace

Discover the credential data needed to evaluate its ability to meet you or your organization’s needs

Understand the credential process more clearly, as well as related processes such as quality assurance


Counting U.S. Postsecondary and Secondary Credentials - 2022 Report

Credential Engine has released a report detailing a confirmed inventory of the number of credentials in the United States. We know that students and workers in the United States have access to a vast number of credentials to obtain, enhance and signal their knowledge, skills, and abilities.