Introducing the Credential Registry Badge Publisher

Credential Engine’s 2022 Counting Credentials report counts over 430,000 badge credentials offered in the United States. This number will continue to grow as more formal and informal learning is represented in digital credentials. Unfortunately, many of these badges are undervalued and do not unlock opportunities because people do not understand what they mean. Therefore it’s important for badge information to be published to the Credential Registry so that the meaning and value of each badge is clear. Publishing badges using the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) contextualizes them with other meaningful data in the Credential Registry, such as skills, courses, transfer value, other credentials, and pathways.

How it Works

This tool makes importing badges into the Credential Registry fast with three easy steps:

  1. imports the badge information to the Credential Registry publishing system, 
  2. provides an interface if the badges need to be edited, and 
  3. saves the badge information so it can be published. 

Next Steps

While this tool is in its final stages of production, we encourage you to read our recent “Guidance for Issuers” document for more information on how to enrich Open Badges with Credential Transparency.

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