Credential Registry Publishing Tools and Instructions

Credential Engine offers a range of options to facilitate the publication of data to the Credential Registry. These options provide flexibility and cater to different needs. Listed below are the available publishing options and step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account. It is important to note that utilizing any of these options requires the setup of a Credential Engine account. It is completely free for organizations to create an account and access the publishing features. The responsibility of publishing data lies with either the information owner or a designated third party acting on behalf of the organization.

Please be aware that the Credential Registry prohibits the publishing of any personally identifiable information. Consequently, all the options and tools provided below are exclusively meant for describing information related to credentials and the many additional types of information supported by the CTDL and Credential Registry. By leveraging these publishing options, organizations can conveniently share information about credentials, competency frameworks, pathway structures, their respective organizations and much more using the CTDL and the Credential Registry.

Credential Registry Publishing System Options and Tools

Follow the links to details about the options and tools and contact us to learn more.  To begin using any of these options, set up your free credential engine account

Publishing Options and Tools

Description User
Account Creation API API for creating Credential Registry accounts.  Technical team members familiar with providing data via APIs. 
Badge Publisher Tool Imports Open Badge information from badging platforms to publish to the Credential Registry  Staff with organizations who offer badges to people and have access to the badging platform. 
Bulk Upload  Provides options to select CTDL terms to include with a CSV template, instructions and samples.  Users download a template, populate it with information and upload it to publish to the Credential Registry   Staff with organizations who are familiar with and have access to the information relevant to the type of upload selected.  
Manual Entry Manual entry interface intended for small quantities of information.   Staff with organizations who are familiar with and have access to the information relevant to the type of manual entry selected.  
Pathway Builder Interactive tool for building education and career pathways.  Professionals who are either designing new or publishing existing education and career pathways. 
Registry Publishing Assistant API API for publishing and maintaining currency of structured data from a database to the Credential Registry.  Technical team members familiar with providing data via APIs. 

Ready to Publish to the Credential Registry?

Our Credential Registry Guidance Site is the the source of knowledge for guidance, support, and instructions for all Credential Engine’s products, including CTDL, Credential Publisher, Credential Finder, and more.

This site will guide you on how to get started setting up your account, what publishing method to use and then guide you through that process. 

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