Why Publish on a Registry 

A transparent credential marketplace helps credential providers:

  • Raise the visibility of their programs to students, workers, veterans, returning adults, employers, and other credential providers
  • Answer key credential questions facing the industry, such as transfer value determinations
  • Highlight program differentiation to demonstrate what sets them apart
  • Improve their ability to track credential trends

How Can I Join the Transparent Credential Marketplace

Publish to Credential Registry

Our cloud-based repository hosts metadata about all types of credentials in an accessible format that lets people explore competencies, learning outcomes, up-to-date market values, and career pathways.

Become an Advisory Group Member

Credential Engine is guided by leading representatives in higher education, business, certification, quality assurance, and technology. These groups provide expertise on innovation in credentialing and serve as champions for our mission.

Build on the Credential Registry

Credential Engine powers solutions with structured credential information. By sourcing, organizing, and maintaining detailed information about credentials using hundreds of associated CTDL terms in the Credential Registry, Credential Engine solves the data problem limiting products, services, and processes from addressing the needs of stakeholders.

Get in Touch

Our team of experts is ready to help you embark your credential transparency journey. Whether you have questions about our technologies, services, or don’t know how to get started, we’re here to assist.

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