People Deserve Better Information

There are over a million credentials offered in the U.S. This includes college degrees, certifications, badges, training, and more. While these represent new career opportunities for people, it’s still difficult to find, understand, and compare them to make well-informed decisions.

What If…

All credentials used consistent terminology.

You could get information about available credentials from a single source.

You could fully understand a job applicant’s qualifications based on the credentials they have.

Governments adopted best practices to help communities get skills for our ever-changing economy.

We’re Leading the Way to Credential Transparency

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CTDL – A Common Language

We developed the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) – a schema, or common language, that people and systems can use to understand each other. It unifies data, provides meaning, and makes it easier for learners, businesses, researchers, and systems to discover and understand different credentials.

Credential Registry

Our cloud-based Credential Registry hosts detailed information about credentials and skills and makes it accessible to anyone from anywhere. It allows providers to upload information, such as learning outcomes, cost, and market value, and fuels the development of tools and services that use this information to help people make better decisions.

Policy & Advocacy

Credential Engine works alongside policymakers to take inefficiencies out of the talent marketplace and provide people with efficient and equitable access to learning opportunities based in credential transparency. We also partner with organizations and thought leaders who can help us advance our mission.

Tailored Services

Credential Engine offers a wide range of free and fee-based services that meet the needs of organizations managing credential and skill data. Whether you’re a government agency, credentialing organization, military body, employer, technology provider, or others working toward credential transparency, our services are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Counting Credentials

As the leading authority on the credential landscape, we report detailed inventories of the number of credentials offered in the United States. This informs our work and helps us inform stakeholders about the opportunity we have to make credentials more accessible to people.

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