Career Pathways

More and more innovative credentials are being described and connected with career options using the Credential Registry, which is a reliable source for structured, authoritative, and detailed data on all types of credentials.

Curriculum Management

With over 700 defined terms and connections to other linked open data networks, the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) schema can fully describe everything that makes a credential unique in the broad marketplace. Organize and connect data from different sources using this open schema to overcome the barriers of siloed data and systems.

Pathway Builder Tool

To advance building clear learning and career pathways, we’ve been working on a new tool called the Pathway Builder. It combines the power of CTDL with Registry data about credentials, courses, competencies, jobs and more.

Learning & Employment Records

Digital credentials are only as valuable as the meaningful data they contain. Credential issuing products can use an alignment field to connect to a world of linked open data that adds meaning and context to an individual’s achievements.

Stakeholders, including policymakers, employers, and education providers, are searching for ways to help learners and workers find the most efficient and equitable pathways to secure the right skills and credentials that lead to good jobs. Verifiable Learning and Employment Records (LERs) are emerging as a powerful tool that, when implemented and utilized as a part of a broader investment in data transparency and learner/worker sovereignty, can help take the friction out of inefficient labor markets and reveal new opportunities. 

LER Action Guide

Credential Engine has created an LER Action Guide that provides steps to enable more efficient career navigation and equitable access to useful information through LERs. The big picture goal is to create ecosystems where LERs are widely accessible, understood, and trusted, inclusive of all aspects of an individual’s education, training, military, and work achievements, and shareable so that LERs securely connect people to opportunities.

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