We work with different product and service providers to align technologies and build capabilities to advance the mission and value of credential transparency. As these organizations have Credential Engine, verify that their products and services have repeatable models to continuously advance credential transparency through effective use of CTDL and Registry data — including standards of quality and maximal use/optimization of CTDL data and definitions — they will be listed under “Business Partners.”

Business Partners

Education Design Lab

Education Design Lab

The Lab's mission is to accelerate economic mobility for New Majority (L)earners at the intersection of learning and work.

Learning and Employment Record Services

Empower learners to share their verifiable credentials and skills as currency for opportunities, based on human-centered design and data transparency.
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Global Skills X-Change (GSX)

GSX helps associations design, build, and manage innovative credentialing and learning solutions.

Publishing Services

This collaborative effort will provide GSX’s clients with the opportunity to securely publish their credentialing programs into the Credential Registry.
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Higher Digital

Higher Digital offers change management services to reduce the risk, time, and cost for higher education leaders to assess, prioritize and complete digital transformation projects.

Credential Engine Implementation Services

Direct engagement with higher education institutions to implement, accelerate rollout, and improve adoption of digital credential capabilities.
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iQ4 Corporation

iQ4 is a technology company that developed a Digital Talent Cloud Infrastructure Platform that enables a skills marketplace for learning and hiring through data driven taxonomies.

iQ4 Achievement Wallet

iQ4 Wallet is part of students LERs, a lifetime career “Digital Wallet” that enables students and workers to promote workplace skills, credentials, experience, education, and more.
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Jobspeaker is an AI skills-based workforce collaboration platform for students, jobseekers, career services, and employers.

Comprehensive Educational Pathway Transparency

Allowing Credential Engine publishing institutions the ability to use Jobspeaker's proprietary AI software to map all credentials to skills to jobs.
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Learning Economy

Learning Economy Foundation

LEF translates leading-edge technologies into transformative learning and economic systems that promote equity, mobility, privacy, and individual agency.

Scaling LER Ecosystems with Linked Open Data and LearnCard

Working together to give learners sovereignty, mobility, and agency through privacy-preserving digital wallets powered by verifiable Learning and Employment Records.
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Merit partners with government agencies to solve problems in education, grant program administration, workforce development, licensing, and emergency management.

Enabling credential comparability for individuals

Standardize digital records for professional licenses using CTDL to capture, link, update, and share information so that more people can make the most of their life’s achievements.
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Parchment is an academic credentials management platform that helps learners, academic institutions and employers request, verify and share credentials in simple and secure ways.

Comprehensive Academic Credential Management Platform

The platform allows the issuance, sharing, collection and verification of authenticated academic credentials across a global network of high schools, universities, and employers.
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Product & Service Providers

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