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The Credential Finder is intended to serve as an inspiration for the types of custom applications that product developers, institutions, agencies, and others can develop. The goal of these tools is to make it easy for people—learners, workers, educators, providers, employers, and more to find and act upon the various credential opportunities available to them.

Use the Credential Finder to understand how data that you and others publish to the Credential Registry can be used to fuel the creation of services and tools that allow people to compare credentials and choose the best options.  All of the information in the Credential Finder comes from the Credential Registry.  This means there’s something new to see almost every day and everything you see is based on the CTDL.  Whether you’re looking at the search filters, search results, detail pages, or comparing information, all of the content is based on the CTDL.  

For those who are curious, you can even see the raw data in the Registry. On any detail page, look for the JSON LD icon and click on it to see what the data looks like that powered the Credential Finder in the Credential Registry.

Screen Capture of the Credential Finder webpage

Easy Navigation

Credential Finder features a modern feel that is more in tune with recent web design. The intuitive menu, quick load times, and straightforward icons all focus on making it easier for people to explore and find opportunities.


A clear strength of tools like the Credential Finder is its ability to help people compare different viable opportunities. Credential Finder makes comparisons easier to create, download, and even share. Now we can better exemplify how custom applications can help you, your audience, and stakeholders identify credentials, skills/ competencies, learning opportunities, pathways, etc. to aid in decision-making.


Since the Credential Registry has information that is valuable to various audiences, we intentionally designed the Finder with them in mind. Whether the ultimate user of a custom application is a job seeker/individual, credential providers/issuers, government agencies, application designers/developers, competency/skill creators, employers, and/or quality assurance organizations we can help create applications that provide value to all.

Embeddable Widgets

Credential Finder Widgets can be customized by Credential Registry publishers and others for the purpose of exploring specific information.  For example, a state that wants to explore only the data published to the Registry about their postsecondary credentials or about the credentials on the state’s ETPL can use a customized widget.  Widget customization options include removing filters, setting other parameters such as the publishing source or type of information such as credentials, and changing colors to match your website.

Build Your Own Credential-Finding Application

Credential Engine is ready to guide you in your own credential-finding application. We have developed resources, such as our Exploratory Questionnaire, to aid you in your process. We also have a suite of tailored services to guide service providers through the design and development of tools like Credential Finder.

Get in Touch

Our team of experts is ready to help you embark your credential transparency journey. Whether you have questions about our technologies, services, or don’t know how to get started, we’re here to assist.

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