Credential Transparency Illuminates Paths To A Better Future

Our video puts forth a shared vision for credential transparency—why we need it and what is possible with it.


Today, there are one million credentials in the US.

One million different ways for people to gain skills to keep pace with a fast-moving economy. So many ways that rather than feel informed, people feel lost in the dark.

That’s because learners, educators, employers, and policymakers lack clarity about what’s inside these credentials:

  • competencies,
  • skills,
  • costs,
  • pathways to jobs,
  • and connections with other credentials.

Without a common understanding:

  • How can educators effectively communicate what they offer?
  • How can employers know candidates have the skills they need?
  • How can policymakers enact equitable solutions to support a strong economy?
  • And—most importantly—how do all learners have equitable access to navigate the full range of learning and career opportunities?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if everyone could access a linked open data network for timely and trusted information about credentials – from diplomas and degrees to licenses, badges, certifications, apprenticeships, and everything in between?

With credential transparency we’re building this vision, one where:

  • Learners and workers can understand the availability, costs, time, and value of different credentials, giving them greater agency to get where they want to go.
  • Credential providers can more clearly describe the credentials they offer, their quality and value, and highlight how they help meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and the community.
  • Employers can discover and hire people who have the skills and competencies needed by effectively signaling job requirements.
  • Policymakers and thought leaders can better understand credentials—which are high quality, where equity gaps exist, and how to better support economic needs at scale.

This vision is big and we need everyone.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can shine a light in the darkness and illuminate paths to a better future.

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