Credential Registry APIs

The Credential Registry APIs are for integrations with systems or software products for the purpose of publishing data to and/or for consuming data from the Credential Registry.  This is a broad overview, please refer to the details needed by developers on our technical site.

Data published to the Credential Registry is directly from the owner of the information to be published, or from a trusted or designated third party. All of these publishing scenarios are supported by the Account Registration and the Registry Publishing Assistant APIs. 

Create Your Credential Engine Account

To utilize any of these APIs, the first step is to create your organization’s Credential Engine account and specify its request to publish and/or consume data via Credential Registry APIs.  Credential Engine issues temporary API keys for a 90-day testing period.  During the testing period, an appointment is made with the Credential Engine Technical and Partnership Development teams. After the testing period, a Credential Registry Developer Agreement or another agreement such as a State Partnership Agreement is required.  

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