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Learning and Employment Records (LERs)

Policy-makers, employers, education providers, and other stakeholders, need ways to help learners and workers find efficient and equitable pathways to secure the right skills and credentials that lead to good jobs. LERs are a powerful tool that can help take friction out of inefficient labor markets and reveal new opportunities. These resources will provide additional context to LERs and Credential Engine's work.

Learning & Employment Records

The Learn-and-Work Ecosystem

Almost 1,000,000 credentials exist in the United States. It’s difficult to find relevant information about many of them, but The Learn-and-Work Ecosystem Guide, developed by the Lumina Foundation, highlights the many intersecting initiatives aimed at shedding light on the confusing marketplace and shows where Credential Engine and its technologies fit.

Align With Other Data
Decision Makers, Implementers, State Leaders & Decision Makers

Trusted Third Party Publishing Policy

Many state and regional partners have existing credential data collection processes; Credential Engine's trusted third party publishing policies are designed to streamline workflows for efficient publishing while ensuring buy-in and participation from credential providers.

Establish InfrastructurePublish & Consume Data

Use Cases by Stakeholder

When a state commits to credential transparency, it unlocks a multitude of opportunities. This document outlines some of the many goals, initiatives, and uses that comprehensive and open source data about credentials can support.

Develop End User ToolsUse Cases
State Leaders & Decision Makers

Vendor RFP Language

This sample RFP statement has been developed in consultation with Credential Engine’s Higher Education Advisory Group to help communicate institutional expectations for credential data transparency.

Publish & Consume Data

Best Practice for Publishing

In order to ensure users have a basic level of data points by which to compare credentials, Credential Engine developed a policy to require a minimum set of data for those adding their data into the registry.

Publish & Consume Data
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