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The Credential Registry Pathway Builder

Learning and career pathways provide individuals with structured routes to gain knowledge, skills, and experiences that guide them toward meaningful and fulfilling careers while enabling lifelong learning. Pathways vary for different people and opportunities, so making data transparent helps everyone understand quality, equitable pathways.

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) and the Credential Registry provide critical solutions for data transparency. The CTDL-linked open data structure is foundational for creating solutions that benefit everyone. The Pathway Builder tool builds off the data in the Credential Registry to communicate learning and career pathways. This tool enables publishing existing or creating new CTDL pathways. And no matter your role in creating, supporting, and sharing learning and career pathways, the CTDL is beneficial to you and your stakeholders. When ecosystem players work together and publish CTDL-linked open data structures, they are building balanced ecosystems where everyone benefits.

Our goal is to empower people to build quality CTDL data in the Credential Registry that’s foundational to pathways, and to link the components of learning and career pathways into beneficial human and machine-readable data to power systems and applications.  Using the CTDL and Credential Registry data to build pathways illuminates the best path forward for learners, workers, and employers by providing actionable data.

View our Pathway Builder webpage to learn more and to find linked instructions. www.credentialengine.org/pathwaybuilder

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