Success Stories: Kansas City

Collaborating Agencies

  • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (Lead)
  • Kansas Board of Regents

There are almost 20,000 credentials across Kansas and Missouri — including diplomas, certificates, apprenticeships, licenses, and degrees. Bringing credential transparency to the Kansas City region is especially meaningful because the local economy spans two states and six counties with disparate data collection methods and no common schema to describe credentials, competencies, and skills. 

Work is underway in Kansas City to change this. We are creating a more transparent system that places credential information at the hands of leaders, learners, workers, credential providers, and employers. Partners are aligning educational opportunities with industry needs to help opportunity seekers gain industry-valued and recognized skills that create a more equitable and seamless transition from high school to further education and careers. In the first phase of work, partners are working together on the Kauffman Foundation’s “Real World Learning” portfolio, to better map, understand, and use information about credentials and learning opportunities students will receive in high school.

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