Credential Engine’s Equity Advisory Council’s Recommendations On Equity In Credential Data 

Evidence demonstrates that the United States’ current education, training and employment systems create particularly burdensome barriers to success for Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander and Native American students, returning adults, and students from low-income backgrounds. To achieve its vision and dismantle inequities in education and employment access and outcomes, Credential Engine seeks to advance the universal adoption of transparent, open data to give people clear and consistent information that empowers them to find, evaluate and obtain the skills and credentials—and to navigate pathways across those skills and credentials–that maximize the likelihood of equitable outcomes.

Credential Engine’s work is centered around data transparency. Transparent, linked, open data has been identified as a particularly valuable tool for revealing essential information that students, workers, employers and educators can use to make informed decisions about options and pathways.  Understanding which credentials and pathways are most likely to lead to equitable outcomes, and then informing and driving change to support them, is one goal of this work.

To support the identification and publishing of key data to aid the navigation of equitable pathways, transfer, and the recognition of learning, Credential Engine convened a broad coalition of equity-focused thought leaders, called the Equity Advisory Council (EAC).

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