Counting U.S. Postsecondary and Secondary Credentials - A 2019 Report

Executive Summary

Despite increased attention on the need for education and training as a foundation for social and economic security as well as a nationwide expansion in education and training opportunities, the country has never had a good estimate of the number of credentials, much less a strong accounting of their various characteristics and potential returns.

This new report from Credential Engine moves us forward—performing an extensive count and using computational models, when necessary, to estimate that the United States has at least 738,428 unique credentials across 17 separate subcategories. To tackle the credential marketplace we must come together to:

  • Publish Complete and Comprehensive Data on ALL Credentials to the Credential Registry
  • Incorporate Linked Data on Credentials into Tools and Apps
  • Learn more about working with Credential Engine and how you can be part of the solution by reading the report.

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