About Us

Diving into the Credential Engine Technology

Credential Engine’s tools and services rely on a suite of technologies, specifications, and technical resources.

Visit the Technical Website

To better understand the Credential Registry, CTDL, CTDL-ASN, our publishing tools, and APIs to access our data, Credential Engine’s technical team maintains a comprehensive website to help your technical staff get the details they need to get started.

The credreg.net site provides a number of resources your technical team may need in order to publish to the Credential Registry and engage with Credential Engine’s work. A few of these resources include:

  • The CTDL Namespace policy with detailed glossary and description of how term URIs are allocated
  • Handbooks for the CTDL and CTDL-ASN with lists of
    • Terms
    • Serializations
    • Mapping Guidance
    • Release Histories
  • Further information on metadata schemas
  • Information on JSON and JSON-LD

This site is continuously updated and maintained to provide you and your technical staff with the most up-to-date information on the stability of our terms, a transparent look at our processes, and resources for getting started with linked data.

Continue on to credreg.net