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Why is Credential Transparency Valuable?

Credential transparency is valuable to the whole credential marketplace, as clear credential data can help inform so many critical stages in both education and workforce development.

Adding the context of credential information–what they mean, their value in the marketplace, and their connections to careers and other credentials–enables students to make more informed education decisions, employers to make better hiring decisions, credential bodies to make better strategic decisions about the future of their programs, states to create more comprehensive economic plans, and the military to more efficiently train service members as well as translate veteran skills for the civilian workforce. Through partnerships, Credential Engine helps strategically connect your work with the vast landscape of credentials.

Through Credential Engine, technologies are now available to:


credential data in a common language across all types of credentials from all types of providers.


with Credential Engine for the services you need


credential data in real-time.


credential data in new ways to meet educational and economic needs.

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A transparent credential marketplace helps partners:

Plan at the organizational, association, or statewide level for the future of work by adding much-needed credential context.

Utilize credential data to identify high value, in-demand credentials.

Make policy recommendations for improving programs and filling gaps to better align with employer demand.

Map credentials to employment outcomes to inform workforce and education policy.

Streamline efforts to connect and evaluate credential information.

Who We’re Working With

Credential Transparency Partners

The Credential Transparency Partnership Program highlights organizations that are able to help credential providers publish to the Credential Registry and the open web. These partners will use either Credential Engine’s publishing tools, their own, or the providers’ to map credential data to the CTDL, and from there to the Registry. Let us know if you need help publishing, or just contact one of these partners.


The strategic partnership between Merit and Credential Engine gives states the digital credentialing tools to build a system for standards-based reciprocity between states. These tools help states understand the different ways in which data is adopted, distributed, and communicated across partner states, in order to inform workforce and education policy. This partnership between Merit and Credential Engine will help address issues for both public sector organizations and private citizens and ensure that transparent, verified, digital credentials lead to jobs. Learn more at https://www.merits.com/


Ellucian and Credential Engine are analyzing a variety of integration solutions and have decided to focus on utilizing the Ethos product for publishing services. The technical teams are mapping the associated data models and documenting supportive process flows for publishing via the Registry Assistant API. Learn more at www.ellucian.com


DXtera (a non-profit, member-based organization that develops solutions to overcome integration challenges) is working with the Credential Engine team to develop an integration solution to support more efficient publishing workflows from a member's source systems. In particular, DXtera has works with the New England Board of Higher Education, the University System of New Hampshire (and 4 campuses), and the Community College System of New Hampshire (and 7 campuses) to analyze how key credential data are created, updated, and stored in Banner as well as other data systems. This analysis will inform automated publishing of rich credential information to the Registry at scale and can deploy this specific integration solution to support their systems. Once completed, members will have access to this shared solution to assist with their Credential Engine publishing and loading needs. Learn more at http://dxtera.org/


Credly is helping the world speak a common language about people's knowledge, skills, and abilities. By working with Credential Engine and standards like CDTL that enable interoperability among various systems, Credly is working with clients to publish credential data to and from the Credential Registry. Learn more at Credly.com


BrightHive helps organizations, networks, & communities securely and responsibly link their data to enhance their impact, empower individual and collective decision making, and increase equity of opportunity through collaborative data trusts. In the development of these data trusts, BrightHive will partner with Credential Engine to enable education and training providers, higher education state agencies, and others to publish their credential data to the Credential Registry using the CTDL standard. BrightHive will also help support uses of the CTDL in the Jobs Data Exchange and help states create outcomes data tied to credentials that can be published to the Registry. Learn more at brighthive.io

Credential Commons

Credential Commons has successfully published many credentials to the Registry and is developing a learning site for organization staff, administrators, and faculty to support their efforts with publishing credentials and competencies. Learn more at https://LearnCredentialEngine.org/

IMS Global Learning Consortium

Credential Engine and IMS are partnering to explain mutually-beneficial connections, coordinate with one another on new specification developments, and build technical integrations and interoperability between IMS Global’s standards—such as CASE, OBv2 and CLR—and the CTDL. Credential Engine is proud to be IMS Certified. Learn more at http://www.imsglobal.org/.


Parchment and Credential Engine have partnered to provide learners, academic institutions, and employers deeper information about earned credentials shared through Parchment’s digital credentials platform. By using the Credential Registry, Parchment is able to match the information about a credential to the appropriate credentials being issued to individuals through Parchment Award, creating an enhanced view for learners and recipients. Learn more at https://www.parchment.com/.

U.S. Higher Education Associations

Higher Education associations are making a public stand in support of credential transparency and its potential to establish a virtuous cycle benefiting institutional staff and faculty, employers, and most importantly, students.

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Retail & Hospitality

The Retail and Hospitality Credentials Initiative is a national effort to identify, capture, and publish the full range of industry credentials currently available in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, lodging and related sectors. Supported through a Walmart grant and in concert with the National Retail Federation Foundation, the National Restaurant Association, and the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the Initiative publishes data on retail and hospitality credentials—from badges and certificates to degrees, licenses, and everything in between—to the Credential Registry. Among the many partners on this project are LinkedIn, Achieving the Dream, and Jobs for the Future.

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Credential Engine is engaged in a wide range of initiatives with various branches and the Department of Defense to use credential transparency and clear pathway information in support of improved recruitment, development, advancement, deployment, and successful transition as a veteran. Among our initiatives is a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme (NSWC PHD) in California to investigate how the CTDL can be used to map and translate current Navy technical standards for tracking changes in training, equipment upgrades, and maintenance needs. The Navy will also analyze their ability to add these credentials to the Credential Registry, thereby improving transparency and comparability for service members and civilians alike.

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Velocity Network

As a member of the Velocity Network, Credential Engine is joining leading organizations across HR technology, staffing agencies, assessment providers, and others as we work together to build the "internet of careers." Leveraging blockchain, AI, and open source schema like the CTDL and CTDL-ASN, this network is collaborating to build a "simple way for individuals to own, manage, and share their career credentials."

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National Science Foundation

Credential Engine is researching how to best advance, scale, and sustain credential transparency via several National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. With a NSF Convergence Accelerator Phase 1 grant, Credential Engine worked with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact, and Lumina Foundation to identify state and regional opportunities to connect learn-and-work ecosystems. The result is a Phase 2 proposal to create a Midwest Compact or a Connected Learn-and-Work Ecosystem. Credential Engine also partners with another Convergence Accelerator grant, Competency Catalyst, to promote skills-based HR practices. A NSF RAPID grant increases healthcare credential transparency in response to the COIVD-19 pandemic and expands partnerships in the state of New York and with several healthcare-focused organizations. Learn more.

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National Associations

Credential Engine works with membership associations and association foundations in education, business, technology, and other areas to expand the Credential Registry, offer new and valuable uses for credential data, and bring Credential Engine’s efforts to scale.

Application & Use Case Partners

These partners work to explore and develop new use cases and applications for the rich data provided by the Credential Registry.

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