Credential Engine works alongside various organizations, associations, agencies, companies, employers, and education and training providers to deliver value and thought leadership to the credential landscape. We don’t do anything alone. Instead, we take a collaborative approach to our work.

These collaborations would not be possible without the support of our funders who understand the value and necessity of transparent credential and competency data.

Who We Work With

Credential Engine works with a broad array of organizations in different capacities—such as planning, exploratory, or support activities. These organizations are dedicated to credential transparency and linked, open, interoperable data.

State, Regional, National, and Federal Partners

We work with various organizations on national, regional, state, and federal initiatives to advocate and advance credential transparency to meet attainment, workforce, economic, pathways, and data alignment goals. Along with the organizations listed below, we also work with many states and regions specifically. More information on those partnerships can be found in our State Partnerships page.

Product and Service Providers

We work with different product and service providers to align technologies and build capabilities to advance the mission and value of credential transparency.


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