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Why is Credential Transparency Valuable?

Credential transparency is valuable to all credential providers, as it enables all of the data and information held within a credential to be accessible, comparable, and trackable.

This transparency enables all organizations that offer credentials—from colleges and universities with degrees, certificates and badges, to employers that offer professional development credentials, to licensing bodies, military training programs, career and technical institutions, bootcamps, high schools, and more—to clearly see the entire credential landscape and understand their place within it.

What Does It Mean To Publish?

To “publish” to the Credential Registry means to add data about credentials (e.g., their name, cost, competencies, location, assessment information, quality assurance information, relation to other credentials, outcomes information, etc.) to the cloud-based Registry. There are a number of ways to add data to the Registry, depending on both the publishing organization’s bandwidth as well as the amount and type of available data. In order to ensure we are gathering and enabling the use of relevant, clear, and quality data, Credential Engine has a Minimum Data Policy for the Registry. This identifies Recommended Benchmarks as models to include more comprehensive data and information valuable to different consumers, providers, employers, and agencies. Once data are published to the Registry, it becomes publicly available and easy to find with search applications like the Credential Finder.

Through Credential Engine, technologies are now available to:


credential data in a common language across all types of credentials from all types of providers.


credential data across systems and to other credentials.


credential data in real-time.


credential data in new ways to meet educational and economic needs.

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A transparent credential marketplace helps credential providers :

Raise the visibility of their programs to students, workers, veterans, returning adults, employers, and other credential providers

Highlight program differentiation to demonstrate what sets them apart

Answer key credential questions facing the industry, such as transfer value determinations

Improve their ability to track credential trends

How Can I be a Part of the Transparent Credential Marketplace?


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