Thank you to all who attended the April 11, 2024 CTDL Certificates Webinar. The webinar via YouTube, audio recordings and presentation via Google Drive are available for your review. 

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) has recently been updated to encompass the broad diversity of certificates available for people to earn. CTDL now defines 22 types of certificates, with numerous terms available to give them meaning, differentiate among different types of certificates, and make their value transparent. With such a diverse range of certificates, from acknowledging participation to demonstrating skills in academic or career fields, CTDL provides essential information for illuminating paths to a better future. 

During the webinar, we delved into the CTDL update process and highlighted the latest enhancements supporting a great array of certificate descriptions. We introduced new Credential Registry Guidance materials for how publishers can update their published Credentials to reflect one of the new Certificate types: 

  1. How To Update Existing Credentials In The Publisher: Manual Editor
  2. How To Update Existing Credentials In The Publisher: Bulk Upload
  3. View a full listing of CTDL Credential Types and definitions on the Credential Registry Guidance site or in the CTDL Handbook (Section 3.2.1 Credential Types).

Start Publishing and Consuming CTDL Credentials: Feeling inspired to start publishing and exploring the Credential Registry data consumption options? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create or log in to your Credential Registry Account at
  2. Begin publishing Rubrics to the Credential Registry. Refer to the Credential Registry Guidance Site for instructions for using the bulk upload CSV option and the Credential Registry Assistant API Handbook
  3. Start consuming Credential Data from the Registry at


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