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The New Credential Finder

The Credential Finder is a web-based application that allows users to search, find, and compare credential information. While fully functional, the Credential Finder is intended to serve as an inspiration for the types of custom applications that organizations, institutions, and agencies can develop. The goal for these tools is to make it easy for people—learners, workers, educators, providers, employers, etc—to find and act upon the various credential opportunities available to them.

Credential Engine has been hard at work to create an updated interface that exemplifies the types of tools we can help to create so you can explore the Credential Registry and understand how data that you and others contribute can be used to fuel the creation of services and tools that allow students, employers, and workers to compare credentials and choose the best option.

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Making Credential Data Accessible and Actionable

Easier navigation — The revamped Credential Finder features an updated and sleeker feel that is more in tune with recent web design. The intuitive menu, quicker load times, and straightforward icons all focus on making it easier for people to explore and find opportunities.

Comparisons — A clear strength of tools like the Credential Finder is the ability to help people compare different viable opportunities. The updated Credential Finder makes comparisons easier to create, download, and even share. Now we can better exemplify how custom applications can help you, your audiences, and stakeholders to identify credentials, skills/ competencies, learning opportunities, pathways, etc. to aid in decision-making.

Audiences — Since the Credential Registry has information that is valuable to various audiences, we intentionally designed the Finder with them in mind. Whether the ultimate user of a custom application is a job seeker/individual, credential providers/issuers, government agencies, application designers/developers, competency/skill creators, employers, and/or quality assurance organizations we can help create applications that provide value to all.

The new look and feel of the Credential Finder and search results: 

Reveal Timely, Trusted, and Reliable Information About:

Useful Tips

Sample credentials search for “Nurse”

Comparing different credentials and opportunities

Exploring competency frameworks

Transfer value profiles

Education and career pathways


Watch the full webinar “The New Credential Finder: An Example of What is Possible” for more tips and a deeper dive into what has changed.

Help Us Improve

After exploring the new Credential Finder, please consider sharing some feedback with us so we can continue to improve. Your insights will also help us create better custom applications moving forward so that everyone can benefit from accessing timely, reliable, and trusted credential information.


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