This self-assessment tool provides an overview of the specific steps laid out in the “Making Sense of Credentials: A State Roadmap and Action Guide for Transparency” report that state leaders can take to help integrate a common data infrastructure into their statewide education systems and to build a public, open marketplace for information about credentials for learners, workers, employers, and others to make informed decisions about credentials and pathways.

Colleges, job training programs, and employers offer all kinds of credentials—from degrees to certifications to badges—for learning and gaining skills. But with over 1,000,000 different credentials it is hard to easily find reliable and actionable information on the value of various credentials, where to get them, what each competency and skill means, cost, and employment opportunities associated with each opportunity. Credential transparency requires bringing together this varied information from colleges, companies, government agencies and others to describe the knowledge and skills they confer and expect in clear, detailed, and consistent language.

Credential Engine will use the responses from this self assessment to help target continued support for our state partners.  We will also use aggregate, summary data to share the story of progress being made around credential transparency across the nation.  We will not share any specifics without express written consent of the relevant state. 

We suggest that a team of individuals who have been engaged in credential transparency efforts within your state work collaboratively to develop and agree on the responses. For each of the 10 elements of the Roadmap, please score your state’s progress and provide some supporting evidence for context. 

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