“What if we had a ‘GPS’ for credentialing—an easy-to-use system that would help us navigate the maze of degrees, certificates, certifications, and other credentials in today’s workplace? Such a system would benefit everyone—including learners, employers, policymakers, career counselors, licensing and certification organizations and accrediting agencies—by providing accurate, current, and transparent information about the array of credentials awarded by multiple providers. Such a system isn’t a pipedream.”
So writes Lumina Foundation’s Senior Advisor for Credentialing Workforce Development, Holly Zanville, in It’s Time to Build a GPS for Credentialing, a new opinion piece detailing Lumina’s vision – a networked system of data about all credentials, with apps drawing on the data to tailor-make information for credentialing stakeholders – and Credential Engine’s efforts to build such a system.
“Credential Engine work teams have done much of the heavy lifting by creating a prototype GPS for credentialing,” writes Zanville. “Now it’s time for credential providers—colleges, universities, certification bodies, licensing agencies, and others − to step up and really fuel the engine. Then, software developers will be able to build the apps to bring the GPS to life.”
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