Credential Engine has officially released a Request for Proposals in search of state partners and initiatives to engage with us in pursuit of four key goals critical to credential transparency:

  1. Identify and operationalize the use of information from the Registry that allow states and stakeholders to improve services, practices, programs, and policies for the benefit of students, workers, veterans, employers, educators, policymakers and others to make more informed decisions in the marketplace of credentials;
  2. Significantly advance our mission of publishing all credentials to the Registry, while recognizing that it may be preferable and more feasible in the pursuit of this goal for states to identify a set of targeted industry sectors to focus on initially, with the aim of expanding to other sectors and all credentials over time;
  3. Collect and match longitudinal wage, employment, and employer preference information to these credentials within the state, to the greatest extent possible; and
  4. To best ensure long-term data quality and sustainability, establish and maintain systems that allow credential providers to publish their credential data to the Credential Registry using an API, or through direct JSON-LD open-link data formats.

If your organization is interested in working with Credential Engine, we encourage you to apply. The deadline has been extended to March 16, 2018. For complete details, please see the full Request for Proposals below.

View RFP (PDF)

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