Credential Engine Joins IT + CS Business Advisory in Report Release on IT & Computer Science Skills Gap

Today, Credential Engine and other members of the IT + CS Business Advisory Council released a new report addressing what businesses, education leaders and policymakers can do to address America’s unmet need for top talent in information technology (IT) and computer science (CS). Learn more about the Council’s findings and recommendations by reading Addressing America’s

From ExcelinEd – Credential Engine Executive Director Reflects on Credentials Matter Research

Each year, the United States spends about $2 trillion on workforce education and training. It’s a massive investment intended to help provide the credentials — and develop the competencies and skills — that job-seekers need to succeed in today’s workforce. Despite these investments, there is a dearth of consistent information to help students, job-seekers, and

From The EvoLLLution – Rosetta Stone for Credentials: Why We Need Credential Transparency (and How to Get It)

Degrees are no longer the sole credential of value. With other offerings on the market—from professional certifications to badges and microcredentials—individuals are leveraging a wide array of alternative credentials to communicate their knowledge, skills and abilities. Unfortunately, with so little connection between offerings, it’s difficult for anyone to know what these credentials truly mean. In