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New Network to Accelerate Skills-Based Education and Hiring

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Amid record joblessness, the Open Skills Network launches to champion common, open skills libraries to better connect today’s learners with career opportunities

The Open Skills Network (OSN), a new coalition of more than 40 employers, educational organizations, and technology providers, today announced the group is working to accelerate a shift to skills-based education and hiring by establishing a network of open skills libraries and skills data.

In a time of labor market upheaval, it is critical that jobseekers be able to clearly articulate the value they bring to employers, including records of learning and skills attained through academic and work-based experiences.

Much of the data needed to support skills-based education and hiring already exists, but this skills data is siloed, not easily accessible, nor machine-actionable, making the switch to skills-based education and hiring an expensive and challenging endeavor for employers and education providers alike. The Open Skills Network will solve this problem by developing a decentralized network of open, machine-actionable skills libraries and data.

Credential Engine is excited to join these organizations to expand the transparency of data around skills-based learning and hiring with the goal of making job opportunities more accessible for all qualified candidates.

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