Credential Engine is excited to see more organizations investing in better education and workforce data systems. The Coleridge Initiative’s $5M Data Challenge, entitled Democratizing Our Data, invites a variety of project proposals that incorporate some aspects of the following areas of high interest:

  • Target populations: low-income learners/workers, at-risk youth, underrepresented minorities, immigrants, and formerly incarcerated individuals. They should recognize that all people are key assets who have untapped talent and are eager to engage in the labor market.
  • Education to workforce outcomes: postsecondary to labor market transitions, secondary transitions, leading indicators of economic mobility and/or wage improvements, and unemployment to reemployment patterns; leading indicators of progress towards outcomes, such as first-year persistence, credential completion, time to completion, and job placement.
  • Feasibility studies: new approaches to credentialing and credentialing transparency, alignment between K-12, postsecondary and workforce data systems.

Credential Engine encourages everyone to use this opportunity to advance their credential transparency work. If you’d like to include a cross-organizational collaboration with Credential Engine in your proposal, please reach out to our Credential Solutions Lead, Jeff Grann, asap (email or phone: 651-208-5748).

Read more about Democratizing our Data: A Challenge to Invest in Data and Evidence-based Policy.

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