We invite you to visit the new Credential Finder and uncover the types of tools made possible by credential transparency. If you are familiar with the Credential Finder or have viewed it in the past, we have an overview page detailing the updates and new navigation features.

The Credential Finder is a web-based application that allows users to search, find, and compare credential information. While fully functional, the Credential Finder is intended to serve as an inspiration for the types of custom applications that organizations, institutions, and agencies can develop. The goal for these tools is to make it easy for people—learners, workers, educators, providers, employers, etc—to find and act upon the various credential opportunities available to them.

Credential Engine has been hard at work to create an updated interface that exemplifies the types of tools we can help to create so you can explore the Credential Registry and understand how data that you and others contribute can be used to fuel the creation of services and tools that allow students, employers, and workers to compare credentials and choose the best option.

After exploring the new Credential Finder, please consider sharing some feedback with us so we can continue to improve. Your insights will also help us create better custom applications moving forward so that everyone can benefit from accessing timely, reliable, and trusted credential information.

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