Credential Engine, a national nonprofit, is excited to launch the Council on Credential Transparency & Equitable Pathways, Transfer, and Recognition of Learning. The Council is comprised of 14 members who are thought leaders dedicated to expanding equitable access and outcomes across education and the workforce.  Consistent with Credential Engine’s commitment to open, transparent and inclusive development, we will invite the general public to engage with and contribute to the Council’s meetings, materials, deliberations and recommendations. The Council is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Leaders across the country are working diligently to give people equitable access to education and training, and to increase equitable workforce outcomes. A key element of bridging the divide between people and their desired outcomes is access to reliable, current, and relevant information about opportunities and pathways. A clear gap in the information currently available is clear signals about which pathways–including those that intentionally integrate transfer of credit and recognition of prior learning–actually improve equitable access and outcomes, and which do not. The Council brings together experience in policy and practice across K-12, higher education, and the business sector. The members’ shared experience will create data-informed, evidence-based guidance and recommendations that aid in the development, support, and persistence of policy and practice to improve equitable outcomes for learners and workers.


    • Bettina Celis, Maricopa Community Colleges, Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs
    • Kathleen deLaski, Education Design Lab, Founder & CEO
    • Dhanfu E. Elston, Complete College America, Chief of Staff & Senior Vice President for Strategy
    • Ernest Ezeugo, Young Invincibles, Higher Education & Workforce Policy Director
    • Linda García, Center for Community College Student Engagement, Executive Director
    • Tina Gridiron, ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning, Vice President 
    • Debra Humphreys, Lumina Foundation, Vice President of Strategic Engagement
    • Richard Irwin, University of Memphis Global, Executive Dean
    • Su Jin Gatlin Jez, California Competes, Executive Director
    • Alison Kadlec, Sova, Founding Partner
    • John Lane, State Higher Education Executive Officers, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Equity Initiatives
    • Elena Quiroz-Livanis, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Chief of Staff and Assistant Commissioner for Academic Policy & Student Success
    • Louis Soares, American Council on Education, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer
    • David R. Troutman, University of Texas System Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, Associate Vice-Chancellor and Chief Data Officer of Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics

This broad coalition of equity-focused stakeholders will identify appropriate definitions of equitable pathways, transfer, and recognition of learning so we may best describe and represent them in open, transparent credential data. The Council will also develop guidelines for the appropriate curation and use of such credential data to maximize the likelihood of equitable outcomes, with specific attention to improving how such data are made available to students, workers, counselors, parents and others that maximize their value in helping individuals achieve equitable outcomes.

If you have any questions about the Council or want to be involved with Credential Engine, please contact


About Credential Engine: 

Credential Engine is a non-profit whose mission is to map the credential landscape with clear and consistent information, fueling the creation of resources that empower people to find the pathways that are best for them. Our work is already underway in 27 states and regions, and across 2 regional consortia of states. Learn more at

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