Deb Everhart, CSO of Credential Engine, joined the Upskill with Edtech podcast hosted by Brandon Olszewski, Director of Research at ISTE, to chat about the importance of lifelong learning and more. The episode is titled “Digital Skills for the Future of Work: Lifelong Learner

In the third season, Upskill with Edtech will explore the new Profile of a Lifelong Learner, a framework that defines the digital skills needed for success in the future of work. Released in late 2020, the Profile includes five Features that unpack the intersection of digital and lifelong learning skills. Nested under each Feature are three Practices – habits that adult learners, job seekers, and workers should develop to thrive at work, in school, and in community life.

The hope is that the research-backed Profile will help job seekers, workers, and job coaches build new skills that effectively prepare today’s workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Check out to explore the framework and learn about the methodology for how it was developed.

In the first episode, they explore the first of five Profile Features: Lifelong Learner. Joining them for the conversation are three of their SkillRise advisors:

  • Jaime Fall, Director of Upskill America at the Aspen Institute
  • Deb Everhart, Chief Strategy Officer at Credential Engine
  • Orlando Cazarez, Senior Program Manager at the Center for the Future of Arizona

In this episode, they talk about:

  • The importance of lifelong learning.
  • Why employers are adding educational benefits to their compensation packages
  • How job seekers can be thinking about upskilling, lifelong learning, and how to navigate the new world of work.
  • How credentials and learner employment records can support lifelong learning and skills-based hiring systems.

Listen to the podcast.

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