Thank you to those who attended the July 26th Pathway Builder launch webinar that introduced the new tool, provided an overview of how the tool works, and discussed why this tool is an important development for credentialing ecosystems. The webinar recording and presentation are now available for your viewing.   The Pathway Builder is available now via the Credential Registry Publishing System.  A complete set of resources are also available to help get started with building CTDL pathways. Additionally, the Pathway Builder code is available under an open license. 

As discussed in this webinar, there are over a million credentials and at least 50,000 providers in the United States alone, making it difficult for learners, workers, and employers to understand, map, and navigate their learning and career pathways. Learning and career pathways provide individuals with structured routes to gain knowledge, skills, and experiences that guide them toward meaningful and fulfilling careers while enabling lifelong learning. Pathways vary for different people and opportunities, so making data transparent helps everyone understand quality, equitable pathways through this maze. 

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) and the Credential Registry provide critical solutions for data transparency. The Pathway Builder tool builds off the data in the Credential Registry to communicate learning and career pathways. This tool enables publishing existing or creating new CTDL pathways. And no matter your role in creating, supporting, and sharing learning and career pathways, the CTDL is beneficial to you and your stakeholders. Users for this tool, but not limited to, are education, training, and other credentialing organizations, employers, and professional associations. 

As part of the webinar, we provided a host of resources to introduce you to the tool and guide you through the process of publishing your pathways to the Credential Registry. You can find all available resources below and on our website at

As always, please let us know if you have any questions via  

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