Check out this new Centering Credential Transparency: A Case-Making Guide from Jobs for the Future (JFF), in collaboration with Credential Engine! This guide is for creating credential transparency to support a future credential marketplace for everyone. It identifies the critical role linked open data plays in this marketplace, specifically how the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) framework plays a vital role for credential transparency.

Thank you to JFF for highlighting the essential value of CTDL and how it enables key features of the credential marketplace and the growing adoption of Learning and Employment Records (LERs); providing additional resources for those involved in the SkillsFWD grants.

Centering Credential Transparency: A Case-Making Guide: Centering Credential Transparency: A Case-Making Guide – Jobs for the Future (JFF)  &  Centering-Credential-Transparency-A-Case-Making-Guide-.pdf (

Credential Engine LER Action Guide: Credential Engine Learning & Employment Records Action Guide | Credential Engine

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