Since its inception, Credential Engine has worked with states to establish state credential registries that bring comprehensive, comparable, and navigable information about credentials, education, and career pathways to its citizens. Texas, through the work of the Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative – which includes the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board –  is working towards “building a strong workforce by investing in cross-agency collaboration, modernizing data systems, and making essential information about credentials public, easily accessible, and actionable.” They are doing this by creating a publicly accessible library of essential information about credentials (diplomas, certificates, certifications, digital badges, apprenticeships, licenses, and degrees).  

The Tri-Agencies, Texas 2036, and Credential Engine have been collaborating to build out the foundation of this library. Through the use of the open-source Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) linked open data schema and Credential Engine’s open technologies, the Tri-Agencies are publishing rich data to the Texas Credential Library.  This includes information about providers, programs, credentials, competencies/skills, outcomes, quality indicators, etc.  The Library “will empower Texans with better evidence for decision-making. The tool also allows for regional collaborations and customizations as more institutions partner with the Library, providing a ripe opportunity for city and regional leaders to create more personalized pathways that meet local needs.”

Read more about the work of the Texas Tri-Agencies and their commitment to creating a better and stronger workforce in the Bush Center’s Newest Case Study. 

Thank you to the Bush Center for highlighting this important work and to the Texas Tri-Agencies and Texas 2036 for their commitment to a more transparent ecosystem. 


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