Advisory Groups


The Business Advisory Group brings together leaders in a wide range of industries and workforce development issues to act as the voice of employers when discussing credentialing issues and trends, ensure that Credential Engine’s efforts meet the present and future needs of the employer community as they tackle the skills gap, and develop new ways for businesses to utilize transparent credential data as part of their work.

Why We Believe In Credential Transparency

Creating a transparent credential marketplace using the technologies available through Credential Engine enables the business community to have:

  • Clear understandings of credentials, their components, and their connections to both each other and the workforce
  • Critical data needed to make both short- and long-term hiring and workforce development decisions
  • Deeper understanding by education and training partners into how credentials can better meet employer needs
  • Stronger insights into where to make strategic partnerships with education and training partners
  • Increased ability to track long-term credentialing trends that can impact the future workforce

Who We Are

The Business Advisory Group is made up of representatives from employers large and small across the country who are committed to leveraging credential data to improve workforce systems.

Dane Linn* Vice President, Business Roundtable
Lynda Campbell Director of Training and Development, Stonebridge Companies
Gardner Carrick Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, National Association of Manufacturers
Cindy Cisneros Vice President of Education Programs, Committee for Economic Development
Ryan Craig Managing Director, University Ventures
Sara Dunnigan Director, Labor Market Research & Strategic Partnerships, Virginia Community College System
Bill Guest President and Chief Solutions Architect, Metric Reporting
Gretchen Koch Executive Director, Workforce Development Programs, CompTIA
Stephen Lynch Vice President, Workforce and Economic Development, Burning Glass
Sharon Miller Michigan Talent Architect, Consumers Energy
Amy Nolan Vice President of Public Policy, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce
Mary Anne Sheahan Executive Director, Vermont Talent Pipeline
Joshua Westfall Senior Manager of Policy and Programs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
* Indicates Advisory Group chair

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