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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Advisory Group brings together experts in accreditation and quality assurance to assist and inform Credential Engine’s work, ensuring that the tools and services provided are mindful of best practices in the quality assurance arena. This advisory group acts as a resource regarding the trends and issues related to new and evolving credentials and the challenges these types of credentials create in evaluating quality and market value.

Why We Believe In Credential Transparency

Creating a transparent credential marketplace using the technologies available through Credential Engine enables the quality assurance community to have:

  • Clear lines of communication to educators, policymakers, employers and more about how quality assurance connects to credentials
  • Access to credential data to help inform and drive quality assurance trends
  • Insights into credential data that impact quality assurance processes
  • Improved ability to execute their mission to help students, parents, guidance counselors and employers recognize and understand credential quality.

Who We Are

The Quality Assurance Group is made up of leaders in the accreditation and quality assurance community looking to work together to use data to improve credential and provider quality for all.

Denise Roosendaal * Chair, Executive Director, Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)
Deborah Adair Executive Director, Quality Matters
Julie Carnahan Vice President (retired), State Higher Education Executive Officers Association
Carla Casilli Co-Facilitator, Connecting Credentials, Open Badges + Digital Credentials Strategist
Yuanxia Ding Chief Impact Officer, Skills Fund
Paul Gaston Trustees Professor, Kent State University
Juanita Gurubatham Director of Institutional Review & Development, Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
Larry A. Kaye Special Advisor, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
Vijay Krishna Senior Director, Credentialling Programs, American National Standards Institute
Leah Matthews Executive Director, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
Mary Ellen Petrisko Higher Ed and Accreditation Consultant, Petrisko Intergalactic Ltd
John Plifka Director, Quality Assurance Office, U.S. Army, HQ Training and Doctrine Command
Terrel Rhodes VP, Quality, Curriculum, Assessment, Association of American Colleges & Universities
Steven Taylor VP, Council on Competitiveness
Joseph Vilbert Executive Director, Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditation
Ralph Wolff President, Quality Assurance Commons
* Indicates Advisory Group chair

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