Webinar Recording: Updating Already Published Organization and Credential Data

The recording of our July 21, 2021 webinar “Updating Already Published Organization and Credential Data” is now available! In this video, Scarlett Jeckel, Credential Engine’s Accounts and Publishing Coordinator, provides a helpful overview of how to update organization and credential data once it has been published to the Credential Registry. Topics covered include how to

Increasing Credential Transparency In Postsecondary Education – Nov 20, 2019

Recent years have seen explosive growth in the number and types of postsecondary credentials that document learning. Increased understanding of credentials, and the learning they each represent, is of critical importance for colleges and universities in their efforts to support student success and enhance institutional performance. For that reason, national higher education associations, led by

Credential Engine Applications Demonstrate Employer Use Cases

On January 18, 2018, Credential Engine hosted a webinar to showcase two different Credential Registry applications under development from the employer community. Once completed, these applications will create a more efficient method for employers to validate credentials reported by applicants as well as build a streamlined process as employers look to survey hiring needs and