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New Policy Brief: Using Credential Transparency to Align Education and Employment Information to Meet State Goals

Over the next decade, employers will need to fill millions of jobs that require higher-order thinking skills, specialized knowledge, and education or training beyond high school. For that reason, many states are aiming for 65% of residents to hold high-quality postsecondary credentials by 2025. Hitting that goal depends on whether states can close gaps in […]


New Report: Badge Count 2020

IMS Global and Credential Engine have released a new report detailing findings on the remarkable growth in the use of Open Badges—the world’s leading format for digital badges. Digital badges are visual indicators of skills and achievements. Open Badges is the world’s leading format for digital badges, adopted by dozens of technology platforms worldwide. Open […]


WDI Announces New Partnership to Connect Job-Seekers in New York State with Over 15,000 Credential, Education and Training Opportunities

The Workforce Development Institute (WDI) announced today a new partnership between WDI’s Future Skills Exchange (FSX) and the national nonprofit Credential Engine that will give New Yorkers easy access to a growing body of national and industry-recognized certificates as well as New York State (NYS) specific training and credentials for in-demand jobs. Education and training […]


HR and Education Tech Powerhouses Showcase Verifiable Career Credentials via Velocity Network™

DENVER, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, some of the biggest names in human resources and education technology, staffing, contingency workforce and employment screening announced a critical industry milestone, demonstrating their seamless integration to the blockchain-based Velocity Network, to innovate with diverse use cases through verifiable career credentials that accelerate learning, education and career pathways […]

Taking the Temperature of 3 Learn-and-Work Initiatives in a Pandemic

Lumina Foundation’s Learn-and-Work-Ecosystem Guide helps inform the creation of a more seamless education and workforce training system. The Guide highlights 36 national initiatives—including Credential Engine—working across seven areas: credential transparency infrastructure alignment and alliances technology, data and standards to connect systems understanding credentials of value employer and workforce signaling for credential transparency navigation tools, verifications, and […]

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