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New Credential Transparency Webpage from the Michigan Dept of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity’s Office of Employment & Training (LEO-E&T) has created a Credential Transparency webpage! We currently partner with LEO-E&T to help create credential transparency, literacy, and consistency in Michigan. This webpage clearly and effectively communicates why credential transparency is important to Michigan and why it is valuable to Michiganders. Credential

SkillsFirst and Credential Engine Will Work Together Towards a Shared Vision of Equitable Futures for Job Seekers

We are excited to announce a new partnership between SkillsFirst and Credential Engine. SkillsFirst helps career centers provide scalable, evidence-based career guidance to job seekers with complete tools for career navigation, career collaboration, and skills demonstration. The goal of this collaboration is to improve equitable career navigation and enhance regional talent supply chains through credential


GoEducate and Credential Engine Strengthen Education, Training, and Employment Pathways Through Collaboration

The new partnership has the potential to improve pathways for learners between education and training into employment. Washington, D.C. (April 6)—GoEducate and non-profit Credential Engine forged a new partnership to advance credential transparency—a common understanding of what different credentials, skills, and competencies mean, where they can be earned, their employment outcomes, and other related information.


Credential Engine and GreenLight Credentials Empower Learners and Workers with Better Access to Data

    Learners and workers need more avenues to connect their various learning experiences to earn quality credentials, and this partnership helps to meet that challenge. WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 2)—GreenLight Credentials and national non-profit Credential Engine have forged a new partnership to leverage their technologies, networks, and expertise to increase access to and the impact

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