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Demonstrating the Power of the Credential Registry – Showcase Feb 28

The Credential Engine Team is proud to be partnering with Vantage Point and Virgil Holdings on February 28, 2019 at 2 p.m. Eastern to offer our stakeholders and collaborators and inside look into how these two companies are expanding their tools and platforms using the Credential Registry to help students, educators, and employers make the credential […]

SREB Sees Benefit of Transparency in Teacher Licensure

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) recently outlined some intriguing ways to provide teachers with essential information about licensing they need to make informed choices. Right now, the licensing process can be opaque and varies from state to state.   Improving teacher licensing transparency is a key topic of a report, titled “State Policies to […]

Credential Engine Highlighted in Report from the World Economic Forum

In January 2019, the Center for the New Economy and Society from the World Economic Forum released a report entitled, “Strategies for the New Economy Skills as the Currency of the Labour Market,” where they explored the need for a skills-based economy in order to meet 21st century workforce needs. As part of this report, […]

When Funders Call for a Map of Credential Transparency Initiatives, We Should Pay Attention

The ever-shifting landscape of education and work has raised the stakes higher than ever for students to choose wisely when considering education and training programs. With hundreds of thousands of credentials available in the U.S. alone, and with little data readily available about most of them, today’s credential marketplace feels confusing and chaotic to job seekers, employers, […]

2019 Request for Proposals – State Partnerships for Credential Transparency

Through an increasing array of credentials — such as degrees, certificates, licenses, certifications, badges, and apprenticeships — job seekers, students, and workers have more options than ever. Yet, there has never been an efficient system to collect, search, and compare credentials in a way that keeps pace with the speed of change in the 21st […]


Benchmark Data Model – A Best Practice for Publishing

We know that students, employers, job seekers, and others need comprehensive information to better understand and make decisions about credentials. To become credential literate, we must first ensure that our credential data is described in a common way. The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) provides this common language through a rich dictionary of terms that […]

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