Take a few minutes and listen to the new episode of Work in Progress, a WorkingNation podcast. Our CEO Scott Cheney chats with Ramona Schindelheim, Editor-in-Chief of WorkingNation, about what the findings of our new report mean now that we have nearly 1,000,000 credentials in the U.S.: including why credential transparency is important and how Credential Engine and our partners are working to bring greater transparency to the landscape.

We believe everyone should have access to the credential information they need; in real time, from trusted sources, and in ways they can understand.

“…we want to make sure that we give everyone that information so they can make the best decisions given their conditions and their circumstances and their opportunities,” noted Scott Cheney. “We want to make sure that [credential] information is made transparent and comparable so that others can then help make those determinations of what’s best for them.”

Credential transparency empowers everyone looking for education and training options with the data they need to make a well-informed decision, enables employers to better evaluate the value of a credential’s ability to meet business needs, and allow organizations that service students, workers, employers and other stakeholders to provide clearer information about the value of various credentials.

Listen to the podcast.

Read our 2021 Counting U.S. Postsecondary and Secondary Credentials report.

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