Thank you to those who were able to participate in the “Traversing Data Landscapes: CTDL Schema Crosswalks Planning Session Webinar.” It was wonderful to see such a diverse and engaged group of participants.

We explored the importance of schema mappings, introduced the freely available Data Ecosystem Schema Mapper tool, and discussed effective approaches to scoping and planning mapping projects. The session also featured a real-world mapping example used by the CTDL Rubrics Task Group, underscoring the value of transparent data through well-defined crosswalks.  We concluded with an invitation to participate in the development of use cases and solutions that empower people using transparent data that is clarified through well defined crosswalks. For more information, see the links to the recordings and webinar materials below. 

We  have a promising opportunity on the horizon—the proposal for global micro-credential schema mappings. Your expertise could play a pivotal role in shaping this initiative, which is open to all and will result in an open, public crosswalk.  The CTDL Advisory Group is  where your insights can shape the direction of these efforts, driving tangible outcomes. If you’re not already a member, we invite you to take your involvement a step further by joining this group; like all Credential Engine Advisory Groups, there is no cost for participation, and we welcome everyone’s perspectives. Furthermore, if you or someone you know possesses the skills of a potential schema mapper or can facilitate connections within your network, we encourage you to share this information.  Use this form to indicate how you’d like to participate

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jeanne Kitchens

Webinar Deck and Recordings:

  1. 23-August-2023:CTDL Rubrics Task Meeting
  2. Chat: CTDL Schema Crosswalks Planning Session 22-August-2023
  3. Webinar Recording on YouTube
  4. Audio Recording in  Meeting Folder
  5. Transcript (VTT File) 

Meeting References and Materials:

  1. CTDL Rubrics Task Group DESM Mapping – You may need to select “Rubric Mapping for CTDL” from the dropdown menu. 
  2. DRAFT Credential Transparency Opportunities Discussion Updated August 8, 2023 
  3. Draft Micro-Credential Mapping Project Aug 22, 2023
  4. Credential Engine Webpage: Traversing Data Landscapes: CTDL Schema Crosswalks 
  5. T3 DESM Wikispace
  6. Join the CTDL Advisory Group 

Other CTDL Resources:

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