The CTDL provides essential terms that bridge the gap between learning and working.  These terms link Jobs, Occupations, Work Roles, and Tasks to credentials, learning programs, assessments, competencies, skills, pathways, and more.

This transparency via connected, open data empowers individuals to pursue educational opportunities tailored to their career goals, enables education providers to align with employer needs, and assists employers in finding relevant credentials and programs that prepare for the  jobs they offer.

Publishing of the following CTDL Work classes is now supported via API and bulk upload options:

  • Job – Set of responsibilities based on work roles within an occupation as defined by an employer.  Job describes an abstraction or template that specific job postings or openings could be instances of.
  • Occupation – Profession, trade, or career field that may involve training and/or a formal qualification. 
  • Work Role – Collection of tasks and competencies that embody a particular function in one or more jobs.
  • Task – Specific activity, typically related to performing a function or achieving a goal.

Visit the Education to Work section CTDL Handbook to learn more about these CTDL classes. 

Get Started Publishing CTDL Work Classes

The first step with publishing any data to the Credential Registry is to create your free Credential Registry account.  Based on the publishing option selected, the resources below provide step-by-step instructions. 

  1. Account Set Up: Create your Credential Registry Account and select your publishing method
  2. API Publishing Option: After receiving your API keys via your Credential Registry account, for API publishing the Credential Registry API Publishing Guide is where you’ll find all of the information you begin by testing publishing on our sandbox.
    1. Publishing Your Occupations and detailed ready to run examples on GitHub
    2. Publishing Your Jobs and detailed ready to run examples on GitHub
    3. Publishing Your Work Roles and detailed ready to run examples on GitHub
    4. Publishing Your Tasks and detailed ready to run examples on GitHub
  3. Bulk Upload Publishing Option: After signing in to your Credential Registry Account, for Bulk Upload publishing, follow the instructions on the Bulk Upload pages for the data you will upload.
    1. YouTube: Occupations and Tasks Bulk Upload Demonstration
    2. YouTube: Jobs and Work Roles Bulk Upload Demonstration

Contact with any questions. We monitor this account during normal U.S. business hours.



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