Check out this report from James Bergeron, President and CEO of 872 Strategies, and Lindsay Fryer, President and Founding Principal of Lodestone DC. This report dives into credential transparency and the need to make it a priority. Additionally, highlights three states (and Credential Engine state partners!), Texas, Indiana, and Arkansas, and how they are leading the charge of credential transparency in their state.

This report was published through the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) Conservative Education Reform Network (CERN) and originally appeared here.

Key Points

  • Companies are facing a persistent and growing skills gap, which has been exacerbated by the tight labor market. Employers use industry certifications, college degrees, boot camps, and badges to measure job skills, but until recently it was impossible to compare certifications or degree attainment.
  • Credential transparency provides specific details on a credential program’s length, cost, competencies, skills provided, level of mastery targeted, earnings potential, and employment outcomes. It allows individuals to compare credentials, be they diplomas, degrees, certifications, apprenticeships, licenses, or badges, to see which is more likely to result in a preferred career or higher wages.
  • Currently, 26 states are engaged in important work around credential transparency, allowing them to measure return on investment, align credential offerings with economic needs, and support the creation of digital transcripts and learning and employment records.




Download the full report.

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