Credential Engine is clarifying the diverse marketplace of certificates by providing more extensive credential type definitions, in order to help people make informed decisions. We need your expertise and feedback to confirm the proposed additions to the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL). 

The CTDL Certificates Task Group, which included experts from education, government, licensing, certification, training and other arenas, worked in collaboration with the Credential Engine CTDL team to introduce new certificate types, definitions, and usage guidance as part of the CTDL. Certificates play a pivotal role in learn and work ecosystems, and this proposal seeks to enhance the definition of certificates for greater clarity and transparency.

This proposal complements the existing capability to describe a wide range of credentials, learning opportunities, competencies, assessments, jobs, pathways, and more. The CTDL Certificates Terms Proposal takes this a step further by refining the granularity of valuable certificate data. 

You can provide feedback by reviewing the CTDL Certificates Proposal and adding your comments or by reviewing the proposal and emailing  You can also learn more and engage with the Credential Engine team in our webinar on this topic.

Webinar: CTDL Certificates Terms Proposal Webinar

Audience: Anyone interested in learning about the CTDL Certificates Terms Proposal and engaging in an opportunity to provide input. 

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2023

Time: 11:00 am ET (See the WorldClock for your time zone.)

Registration: To register, please click the following link:

Additional Information: The webinar will be recorded and made publicly available, along with meeting materials.

Your engagement and insights are vital to the evolution of CTDL. We appreciate your interest and active participation in the CTDL development process. 


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