Global Skills X-Change (GSX), a veteran-owned leader specializing in helping associations, corporations, and government institutions build resilient workforces through innovative credentialing and learning solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Credential Engine, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing credential transparency.

With GSX having the ability to publish detailed information to the Credential Registry and enhancing the quality of data published using the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), this collaboration will benefit job seekers, educators, employers, credential providers, certification bodies, and students.  By expanding data in the Credential Registry, the collaboration empowers tools that enable more informed decisions regarding career pathways and workforce development.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration

At the center of this effort is the commitment to transparency, accessibility, and verifiability in the realm of professional credentials. Here is what this exciting effort means for all involved:

  1. Enhanced Credential Transparency: Organizations are able to showcase their programs and credentials in a universally understandable format, amplifying the value they offer to their target audiences.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: Valuable data and insights will drive informed decisions for organizations and policymakers, influencing credential offerings, workforce development, and education planning. This commitment contributes to the continuous improvement of educational and professional systems.

Leaders from both organizations expressed their enthusiasm for this collaboration:

Bill West, EVP of Business Development of GSX, remarked, “This collaborative effort will provide our clients with the opportunity to securely enroll their credentialing programs into the Credential Registry if they choose.”

“Credential Engine is committed to providing the tools and resources necessary for organizations to make informed decisions about their workforces and for individuals to make decisions about their education and career pathways, said Brian Sylvester, Director of Business Partnerships at Credential Engine. “This collaboration with GSX is a significant step toward achieving that mission.”

For more information about GSX and Credential Engine, visit their respective websites.

About Global Skills X-Change (GSX)

GSX is a veteran-owned industry leader in helping associations and credentialing programs develop measurable value for the professions they serve through programs that build human capability while achieving business and mission results. With over 20 years of building accredited, high-stakes credentialing programs for public-, private- and non-profit sectors as its foundation, GSX has grown to deliver innovative design, implementation, and maintenance of credentialing and learning solutions. The unique aspect to GSX is the guidance it provides to credentialing organizations by going beyond the moment-in-time certification to include market research, fostering an approach that drives holistic learning and assessment workforce skills programs resulting in continuous professional development, lifelong relationships, and resilient workforces. Learn more at:

About Credential Engine

Credential Engine is a non-profit whose mission is to map the credential landscape with clear and consistent information, fueling the creation of resources that empower people to find the pathways that are best for them. Credential Engine’s Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) is the clear standard for richly describing credentials, competencies, quality, outcomes, pathways, and other essential information as linked, open, interoperable data on the semantic web. Learn more about Credential Engine at

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